Our Hot Chocolate selections

Hot chocolate is our favourite hot drink at RadChocs and over the years we have experimented with as many different combinations as we can. Our favourite way of making hot chocolate is through the use of pure cocoa. This gives a more intense flavour than melting chocolate directly in milk. When sweetened or flavoured with the addition of one of our flavoured lolly/stirrers and selection of toppings then it just gets better but they are still amazing on their own.

Hot Chocolate Cocoa

with strawberry topping

We have a variety of selected cocoa and chocolate mixes to choose from along with our toppings and flavoured stirrers to compliment their amazing tastes.

We also do themed hot chocolate gift boxes to appeal to any recipients interests.

Personal gift boxes delivered direct to the recipient. The type of chocolate can be changed on request and personal messages added to the box for no extra charge.

If you want an alternative design chocolate not listed, this is not a problem just let us know the design you'd like instead and we'll be happy to help.