Food Grade Silicone Moulds

We specialise in the design and manufacture of food grade silicone moulds. We have a number of designs available for purchase and also offer the option of designing and making moulds to your specifications.

We have two standard sizes in which we can embed a range of designs though we also can vary the size depending on requirements. We also offer the option of designing a mould to provide a certain weight of item I.e. we can make a mould to your design that would give you a chocolate of 50g if that was what you needed.

The silicone we use is of a very high quality and can be used for temperatures from minus 30 up to 270 celsius. This means they can be used for ice, chocolate, baking or for casting boiled sweets etc. We’ve even used them to cast key fobs from acrylic plastic, though we wouldn’t recommend then using them for food after casting non food items.

We have been using some of our moulds continuously for the production of chocolates for over two years with no visible degradation in quality.

Our moulds are dishwasher safe and this is the way we'd recommend cleaning them after use.

We can offer discounts on large orders. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have a wide range of designs and are always adding new ones, contact us if you don't see what you are after. We can also design to order. Choose from our standard sizes or contact us for a quote for a complete bespoke design.